With the debut of the production ready Porsche 918 Spyder pinned for September this year, Wolfgang Hatz, Porsche’s Research & Development boss has revealed that Porsche will continue developing hybrids well into the future, before even thinking about all-electric vehicles.

Hatz revealed the information during a recent interview with Automotive News where he said that hybrids are “very important. We have attained a very good cruising altitude here. For example, Porsche will present the 918 Spyder this year with an innovative hybrid concept. In a tough competitive environment, we have been able to take a leading position”.

When asked about the possibility of the current lithium ion batteries being superseded, Hatz said “I am still convinced that we will stick with the familiar lithium ion batteries for a long time.”

As a result of Porsche’s current belief in hybrids, Hatz concluded that “…Porsche won’t have any purely electrically propelled sports cars in the next few years”.

Do you think this is good news, or would you love to see Porsche enter the electric sports car market?

[Via Automotive News]

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