Audi RS Q3

While speaking with Autocar at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show 2013, Audi’s development chief Wolfgang Durheimer has confirmed that a larger selection of Q-badged RS models are set to be introduced in the coming years.

The Geneva Motor Show 2013 marked the debut of Audi’s first RS-badged SUV, with the Audi RS Q3 and the German giant is set to sign off on more Q-based RS projects in the future meaning an RS Q5 and RS Q7 are both likely.

Additionally, Durheimer confirmed that “there is more room for Q models” including the possibility of a smaller Audi Q2 SUV.

In addition to this news, Durheimer confirmed that Audi is currently developing a lightweight next-generation Audi TT weighing just 1000kg. “Such a car would be very exciting and sporty. We already have the right engines and it’s a project we’re working on,” he said.

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