Sonus Faber 1200 Watts Sound System For Pagani Huayra

Sound and music specialists Sonus Faber have transcended its music reproduction skills for this supercar challenge. Pagani will reveal one of the best sound systems currently on offer with the Pagani Huayra at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. From the immutable harmony of interiors to the rhythm “on the road”, a set of new paradigms has been created.

The specialists considered weight when designing the system, hence it features new and innovative Carbon cones, developed for extreme rigidity and the lowest weight specifically for the Carbo-Titanium Pagani Huayra. Neodymium magnets are used throughout for highest performance and lightest weight possible.

Sonus Faber 1200 Watts Sound System For Pagani Huayra

How much power does the new sound system produce? The Pagani Huayra is all about extreme performance, the new Sonus faber audio system provides an amplifiers structure which delivers a total amount of 1,200 Watt power output. This triples the performance available from the Huayra’s standard sound system.

When the beastly AMG V12 engine is not the centre of attention, a Digital Sound Processor creates a refined atmosphere where both driver and passenger can enjoy hearing a rich sound experience not normally expected in a hypersports car. In full Pagani tradition the aim is to stir the emotions of the passengers every single moment. The DSP allows the whole system sound to be “tailored” to the customer’s own musical taste under his request, configuring the Huayra cabin into a concert hall, stadium, or whatever environment the Pagani owner seeks.

Geneva Motor Show 2013

Sonus Faber used the technology developed for their most extreme loudspeaker systems on the baskets of the bespoke speaker units. This technology includes Aida and “The Sonus faber” itself, with a vibration-free CNC made hybrid avional/gunmetal structure, a geometry which has been calculated to damp natural resonances of the two materials, creating a virtually ideal speaker chassis for the purest sound reproduction.

The speaker diaphragms are made in a special ultra-light carbon fiber optimized for acoustic applications providing this way synergy between rigidity and damping.

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