Audi R8 with Lamborghini Doors

Back when Audi announced their takeover of Lamborghini, the Italian company must have thought it was the perfect partnership. Nowerdays, we have an entirely different situation. Audi now produce the Audi R8 which has all the sporting potential of the Lamborghini Gallardo, and a lot of the components too. Lamborghini meanwhile, seem to be focusing more on the higher tier markets with the Aventador and various concepts.

It seems the only advantage to the modern Lamborghini is the iconic scissor doors. This owner in China obviously decided that his slice of German engineering needed more Italian flair. What results is every Lamborghini engineer’s worst nightmare. An Audi product utilising a Lamborghini trademark!

Of course, the doors are an aftermarket product. Probably supplied by LSD or another similar company. Yet we don’t get to see many similar conversions anymore, which means this Audi R8 hits our overkill tag!

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