Grey Designs Xhibit G

Gray Design, a Design studio based in Sweden, revealed its latest creation, the Xhibit G developed for the Zeus Twelve brand. Zeus Twelve is a division of Gray Design AB who are looking to enter the world of luxury bespoke vehicles for the ultra-wealthy.

The styling comes directly from the Yacht with a long front engine bay to house the meaty 630hp V12 engine that will power this beast up to a limited top speed of 155mph (250kph). Carbon fiber body panels maintain to lowest possible kerb weight with an all-aluminum chassis giving high rigidity and handling that will leave you heading to the nearest race track to push it to the limits.

The interior comes in white leather with carbon black accents for the seats and a carbon fiber dashboard lined with chrome highlights. Music lovers have an even bigger surprise due to the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound system with 12 high-performance speakers and a 900-watt output to provide a premium music experience.

The following is a video review of the features.

The project was created alongside an extraordinary Xhibitionist super yacht phenomenon which is set to transport guests into sea destinations. The yacht features similar luxurious appointments as the Xhibit G. It features two separate areas, one with a Jacuzzi, providing guests with ample space to unwind in comfort and take in the views and sunshine.

Grey Designs Xhibitionist

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