Armoured Bentley Mulsanne by Carat Security Group

Carat Security Group, a specialist in creating armoured vehicle has released images and details of its latest project involving the elegant Bentley Mulsanne which recently underwent the company’s ballistic protection upgrades.

The new armoured Bentley is named the Paragon by Duchatelet and is available in standard and extended configurations with the latter being an extraordinary 115cm longer than the standard car.

Whichever wheelbase option you choose, the Paragon features B6 ballistic protection, 39mm bullet proof glass, a fire suppression system, runflat tires and fuel tank protection to protect the car in the event of under-car explosions which would usually rip the fuel tank to pieces.

Additional options offered by the Carat Security Group then include a raised roof option, exterior loudspeaker system, police sirens and lights (we’re not sure how that would go down with the real police) and a custom interior.

Price? Well, if you need to ask, then you certainly can’t afford it…

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