Lamborghini and Maserati Abandon Business in Iran

After many months of rumors and deliberations, Maserati and Lamborghini have confirmed that they’re withdrawing all business from Iran effective immediately. The shock announcements comes after a campaign run by the United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) organisation pressured the two firm’s to shut up shop.

Back in October 2012, UANI spokesman Nathan Carleton said, “We weren’t trying to just embarrass anyone. We sent several letters to both companies asking them about their business in Iran and they just didn’t write back”.

Following on from these talks, Carleton added that “After the event we were immediately contacted by Lamborghini. They told us they were out, they weren’t doing any business in Iran anymore. We’re happy with that,” and not long after, Maserati followed suit. Maserati which is an arm of the Fiat Group, stated it was leaving the region after Fiat announced in May 2012 that it had lost a presence in the Islamic Republic.

New York City Public advocate Bill de Blasio concluded by stating, “This is one more step in the right direction in a crucial campaign to hit the Iranian regime at its economic core. Maserati and Lamborghini have done the right thing in pulling their business from Iran – and I am pleased we can remove them from This is also a strong message to New Yorkers and Americans: we as consumers can help fight against a nuclear Iran, and I plan to continue this fight relentlessly, with as many allies as we can assemble.”

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  1. Would it not be smarter to help tilt the balance of trade against Iran and pull more of its money into other economies by encouraging sales of non-Iranian cars? Unless they're afraid Iran's government is going to James Bond the Maserati's and equip them with missiles to use in some kind of a war….lol. Silly UANI.

  2. Dear Editor! the title of your articles & also some part of that is wrong,,,, we don't have any unofficial or official Lamborghini dealerships in iran since 1979 till now… bdw lamborghini cars cant receive iranian national number plate , if you need any information about luxury automobile brand & all the activities in middle east region & also iran please feel free to contact me on ( [email protected]) then I can send you some correct info.

    Masih Farzaneh
    Machine Magazine Iran ( oldest & most Popular auto magazine in iran since 1979 to now ).
    Head Of Test Drive & Senior Member.
    Of Editorial a.


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