We hadn’t heard any news from little known German manufacturer Rotary Supercars since news first broke in August last year about the company’s plans to release a supercar sporting an eight-rotor wankel rotary engine reported to produce 2,800bhp and 3,494Nm of torque.

Now however, GTspirit can break an exclusive to the motoring press as we recently stumbled upon a new teaser image of this upcoming hypercar after simply heading over to the company’s website. The last time we visited the site was back in May this year, and back then the site was completely blank with just some brief contact information.

Since then, the site has been updated to include a full sized flash video claiming that Rotary’s first entrant into the supercar market is “coming”, before flashing to the teaser you see above. In addition to this teaser, we’ve also had our first look at the logo for Rotary Supercars and surprise, surprise it’s in the shape of a rotary!

No information has been released with the teaser image but from the computer generated picture it’s evident just how futuristic Rotary Supercars is planning this car to be. It’ll feature an extremely low and streamlined body with a large tail signifying that this car will indeed be mid-engined.

Teaser from RSC Germany on Vimeo.

Rotary Supercars has released a statement to us saying the following:

The exact numbers & technical details are still not official yet but we claim that it’s going to be a very powerful machine. We as RSC are still looking for additional investors due to an usual ‘saga’ with our main Chinese investor.

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  1. just touch the throttle in town and you are dead…I red that they want to do 62 mph in 0,8 sek….thats like driving a top fuel dragster in town….not perhaps the brightest idea


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