For any Top Gear fans out there, you’ll know all too well just how much Richard Hammond loved the Pagani Zonda. It was without doubt his favourite supercar and we can’t really blame him as it’s unquestionably one of the most eye-catching and awe-inspiring supercars ever built.

However, with the Zonda now out of production (except for a few one-offs being produced here and there), it’s successor the Huayra, has a lot to live up to and according to Richard Hammond, it’s good enough to be crowned his ‘Car of the Year’ for 2012.

Richard Hammond’s full report on why he selected the Huayra can be seen in the latest edition of Top Gear Magazine, but the following statement largely sums up Hammond’s view on the car;

My Car of the Year is not going to revolutionise personal transport, reinvent motorsport or solve the looming energy crisis. It is a machine so unlikely ever to be a real, material presence in most of our lives that it may as well be a unicorn. And there it is: the Pagani Huayra. Perhaps unicorn is the best way to describe it…

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  1. Well ……. I guess even Richard Hammond has to get it right once and awhile . Pagani Huayra . #1 in my book as well . Koenigsegg Agera R being a close #2 .

    Don’t bet on the Zonda being out of production though . Demand is still high ( relatively speaking ) and Horatio isn’t about to let go of that money maker sitting right under his nose ;-)

  2. Well i must say mr GS you seem to be the master “at being” debunked in your writings as against Richard Hammond.

    In fact studys show :) on your work over 80% of the time you are wrong and debunked on your writings..

    But dont worry and dont forget all is not lost as there is the economy of consciousness side of things, you know the generation of positive perpeual motion effect on consciounsess so as to sustain all things so as life can exist and not forgetting the sustainability of our universes workings.

    Did ya know that your mind my mind and all other minds sustain all life and our worlds universes workings (we are ONE with the universe), it’s really cool how it all happens and works from a various array (diversity) of thoughts beliefs etc etc. as it all builds the minds abilities and workings stronger.

    It’s similar to that of different ways of constructing (diversity of thoughts beliefs being higher quality materials) a car engine from nothing it builds it better.

    Various thoughts beliefs are like different materials (in this case like building the mind with higher quality parts to produce more power more generating abilities) for the car, one thought(s) or beliefe structure(s) (higher grade material) builds the mind in one individual than another, it will have the opposite effect with one individual as to another, thats why all the diversity of cultures beliefs thoughts etc etc we have today.

    No Religion No Culture No color No Beliefe out ways anothers Beliefe in Religions Cultures etc, as it at the end of the day is that of a bicycle wheel similar to the wheel of life) full of spokes each spoke being a beliefe thought path career of building the minds (generating) abilities better, all leading to the Hub or centre piece (we are ONE) where all knowledge and builds is there for all to have..

    Thats why the diversity in our world. builds the mind stronger better. those in third world living conditions as a majority have more grunt (power equals abilities…) fact…balancing effect.

    Dont forget there are many wheels full of spokes in our world toady all part of the main wheel of life.

    Ya start at the tyre end of the wheel on your path career and end up at the hub then pick a new path spoke (career) go up the spoke towards the tyre which of course is the same hub again but in the opposite direction being part of the “Wheel of Life”..

    In another way the dimension(s) we are in now and or approaching is that of the hub, the dimensions dictated by our solar system palnets orbiting determines as a majority our intelligence, it’s that of a moving elavator like at the super market that determies our knowledge as it forces it upon us.

    Dont forget to those that study/practise the all in all of industries (Hermetics :)) there is No dimension…

    Rule one when studying the mind….. There Is No Dimension. as it puts an automatic limit on ones knowledge that one can obtain!

    Dont Fall Into That Trap As Many Do… Will!

    I was bored…


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