Whenever Mercedes-Benz releases a new generation S-Class, it tends to set new standards in car technology. The 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will feature new safety, assistance and lighting systems. Mercedes provided a long list that showcases just a few of the features owners can expect to see on the new limo when it is released next year.

Distronic Plus with Steering Assist helps the driver with lane discipline and can even be set to follow the vehicle in front in slow-moving traffic automatically. Mercedes’ Brake Assist system BAS PLUS will be able to detect cross traffic and pedestrians, if necessary it can boost the braking power applied by the driver accordingly.

A Pre-Safe braking system can detect pedestrians and initiate autonomous braking to avoid a collision at speeds up to 50km/h. The same system also recognises imminent rear-end collisions. As system attached to this, named Impulse, pulls the driver and front passenger away from the direction of impact using their seat belts at an early phase before the resulting occupant deceleration starts to increase, reducing the possibility of whiplash and other injuries.

Active Lane Keeping Assist can detect oncoming traffic and when the adjacent lane is not clear. Interestingly, it prevents the S-Class from leaving its lane unintentionally by applying the brakes on one side. Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus allows the main-beam headlamps to be kept on permanently without dazzling traffic by masking out other vehicles in the beams’ cone of light.

Night View Assist Plus allows the driver to switch between a night vision screen where the speedometer would normally be, this in turn allows the car to alert the driver to potential danger posed by pedestrians or animals in unlit areas. A spotlight function is also able to flash at pedestrians detected ahead.

Among the most interesting features, we will be most interested to test the Adaptive Highbeam Assist Plus system. We are hearing that the S-Class will get 360 degree views. The S-Class will have a set of 26 sensors spread around the car, which will feed information about the car’s surroundings to three separate ECUs.

We can’t wait to see it all in action!

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