FFF Automobile has been dubbed “the richest dealership” and with what was seen in a parking garage, one would have to agree. Seen here are many exotic cars that people would dream about. In their actual dealership the main piece is the Zonda R, flanked by many other high end exotics such as the Koenigsegg Agera, a Pagani Zonda F, Melkus RS2000 and many other high end customs such as a Hummer H2 and Harley Davidsons.

Their cars have seen as far away as Shanghai as part of the SportsCarClub of China track days. The main one which was in May, of what that famous video showing all the cars going around the circuit. FFF took many of their cars to this day, and they can also be seen at the various car shows that are in China. This is because it is actually also the official dealership for many of these cars in China.

Some of these cars may be privately owned, seeing as they have been seen driving around in Beijing on multiple occasions. In this garage they have specially reserved spots as can be seen above some of the parking spots as they have FFF plaques above them. In this garage there were other exotics as well.

The reason why they seem so expensive and rare in China, is because of the high level of import tax that is put on luxury vehicles. There are not any figures as to what percentage but it is definitely very high. When you consider the original cost of the car and then add this on, it becomes quite expensive to own even just one exotic.

[New garage photos via Alex van Alphen]

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