Over in the US, standing mile times are always highly contested. One tuning firm set an undisputed record recently. Guinness World Record officials were on hand when Performance Power Racing set a blistering 283.232mph speed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, using a 2006 Ford GT.

The standing mile is an event in which a vehicle, from a dead stop, accelerates completely through the one mile mark. It eclipses times set at the Texas Mile earlier this week and earlier in the year. The car itself is a 1,700hp rear-wheel drive monster, whats more, it is street legal car and even features air conditioning!


The driver for the event was owner of Performance Power Racing, Johnny Bohmer. The car itself is obviously highly modified. Details on the engine are very limited at the moment, however, we can reveal that it uses a type of Aluminum Alloy branded Pandalloy. Parts were machined specifically for the project. The same car had previously broken the record at 253.97mph!


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