Over in the US, standing mile times are always highly contested. One tuning firm set an undisputed record recently. Guinness World Record officials were on hand when Performance Power Racing set a blistering 283.232mph speed at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, using a 2006 Ford GT.

The standing mile is an event in which a vehicle, from a dead stop, accelerates completely through the one mile mark. It eclipses times set at the Texas Mile earlier this week and earlier in the year. The car itself is a 1,700hp rear-wheel drive monster, whats more, it is street legal car and even features air conditioning!

The driver for the event was owner of Performance Power Racing, Johnny Bohmer. The car itself is obviously highly modified. Details on the engine are very limited at the moment, however, we can reveal that it uses a type of Aluminum Alloy branded Pandalloy. Parts were machined specifically for the project. The same car had previously broken the record at 253.97mph!

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  2. What about the spectators back in the pits with their kids minding their own business when you douchebag goons show up toting assault weapons threatening innocent people? Trust me, nobody is jealous of the Perfomance Power douchebag poser wannabes. People, do yourselves a favor and avoid Performance Power like the plague. These are not good people but rather the worst of the worst crooks.

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    My only concern with the topic in question is of has he got enuff horsepower….mmmm ?

  4. Did you make it through grade school? My 8 year old use better punctuation and grammar than you. Using big words and nebulous terms with 2nd grade punctuation is not impressing anyone Einstein. This dumbass works for Performance Power. It might even Johnny Boner himself. Do you want people working on your car that your 10 year old would obliterate in a spelling bee? I think not!

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  6. Why do people feed these ridiculous attention-seekers? Moving past concerns about automatic weapons and public endangerment, the standing mile is f***ing awesome and it has recently been dominated by these TT Ford GT’s. It’s less skewed by the AWD/launch control advantages inherent in 0-60/quarter-mile figures and represents the current manifestation of the perennial -horsepower war. Most cars entered are nimble, stripped-out track cars which can (legally, at least) be driven on the street. The fact that it’s an American phenomenon apparently diminishes its prestige. These are modified cars, but I don’t see Brabus or Ruf. Not even the no-compromises MTM Audi tuner. The joke’s on us, though, as we can’t appreciate overtaking power on 70mph highways.


  7. @ Pit – Believe me son ….. there’s no Worries at all or a Bats Chance in Hades of anyone mistaking you for even an adult ……. never mind an Einstein .

    >> As to the car and the record . I say …. spot on ! Yanks – 1 …. Euro’s – 0

    Too bad Ford decided to axe the GT instead of evolving it further


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