Four people died and two others suffered serious injuries when two Nissan GT-Rs lost control and both hit a tree in Malaysia, earlier today. The accident happened on Jalan Haji Ahmad 1 in the city of Kuantan in the direction of Semambu. The two supercars, believed to be speeding, lost control under wet conditions and crashed around 4:00 AM local time.

The four victims killed in the accident were the driver of the Dark Grey Nissan GT-R, Tan Kah Yong (24 years old), passenger Bao Shanshan sitting in the front (26 years old from Liaoning, China), the driver of the White Nissan GT-R Go Haw Wei (20 years old) and passenger Koay Khor Liang (21 years old), also passenger in the front. Two more passengers were seated in the sports cars, one in the back of each GT-R. The two are seriously injured and brought to a local hospital.

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  1. At least this newspaper still said it is GT-R , I saw some newspaper said it is GTi … sad news , guess it’s cause by themselve racing .

  2. Supercars are not stupid, your stupid… they provide alot of employment which saves lives, they provide a sh!!t load of perpetual motion of consciousness so as to sustain the universes/worlds workings which sustains life. as i’m sure you would agree.

    Go study the minds workings cause and effect especially dreams/consciousness so as you gain some insight as to why how accidents can/do happen, being in part how the world/universe works..

    When it’s your time to go man you are going to go no matter what (unless.. :|) (the death cycle runs like clock work – learn it!!!) of course after your studying of the worlds/universes workings it’s all perpetual motion of consciousness so as to sustain life…

    To learn the death cycles world/universes workings start here being Hermetics it’s your best friend as it is the Queens – Kings – Presidents – Billionairs best friend.

    Of course there is no such thing as over population one learns this when studying economics and the economy of the worlds/universes workings, consciousness..

  3. Do none of you use spell check?

    From an iPad it’s a struggle but not as bad as a majority of the comments I (try to) read on this site.

    Shame about the ah bengs. Sometimes things just happen. Shit perhaps?

  4. @Noe Japan Some folks you mean I suppose, anyway i tried google translate “ah bengs” and did not find anything. Perhaps Rare english???


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