We happened to stumble across this Mexican replica operation recently. It seems that the Tepatitlán-based garage specialises in creating replica Italian supercars. Their adverts on Mercadolibre reveal garages with at least three Lamborghini Reventon Replica’s, a Ferrari F40 and a Ferrari 458 replica.

At the moment the Lamborghini Reventon replica is for sale at $45,000 and the Ferrari 458 Italia is available for $68,000. The bodies are produced from fiberglass with mirrors, motor covers, door panels, interior door panels, central control surface and a ten-piece interior upholstery included. Neither car comes with a complete chassis or engine from what we can work out.

To see the adverts, click here for the Lamborghini Reventon replica and here for the Ferrari 458 Italia replica. Take a look at the video below and the pictures above, let us know what you think of the Mexican replicas!

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  1. The only thing worse than these folks are the Chinese bunch that actually do make hard to distinguish ( by non discerning eyes ) counterfeit exotics and supercars ….. including the VeryGoneWrong .

    Disgusting . Any country with one of these scam artists operating within their borders should shut them down ASAP . Sad thing is since its happening in China and Mexico neither Government could care less and in fact endorses the business’s unofficially

  2. @ meme – I do . Therefore I shall . And anyone wishing to dispute what I’ve said here is more than welcome to , understanding I’ll bury any such dispute under a barrage of hard core verifiable facts . Simply stated neither the Mexican nor the Chinese governments have any respect for Copyright of any sort : be it design , product , writings , music etc as well as both Governments turning a blind eye to companies such as this AS Long as its making said Governments … Money !

  3. PMSL and someone has ‘bought’ one of these and kept this shed industry going? What were they thinking or were they blind?

  4. @guitarslinger

    difference is, neither these guys or any of the other replicas claim to be anything other than replicas.

    the chinese however build the same thing and put their own company badge on it and call it the zhangzhou 200 or something.
    they sicken me

  5. What a joke. Ha!

    Where did they learn how to build these? These “replicas” are an eyesore. Sign me up. I want to drive around looking like a fool. “Replicas”. Ha. Look like Lipstick on a pig.

    Should be 68,000 PESOS not US DOLLARS.


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