Amoritz GT DoniRosset

Brazil’s first supercar, the Amoritz GT DoniRosset, is taking shape. New images of the supercar hit the web recenty showing a final shape for the renamed project. Back in 2010, the DoniRosset was named the Amoritz GT DR7. It’s now received a new name, the Amoritz GT DoniRosset. It’s new name comes from the man behind the car, William Denis Rosset and his father Donino Rosset, for whom the car was intended as an one-off gift.

After presenting a full-scale model to a number of interested parties, Amoritz GT garnered enough interest for a limited production run. Just 50 units will be built (five already on order), each costing over $1 million. The DoniRosset will feature an 8.4 liter V10 from the Dodge Viper running on ethanol and fitted with twin-turbochargers boosting power to 1,007hp. Coupled to this will be a six-speed sequential transmition from Mendeola. The DoniRosset measures 4.7 meters long and 2 meters wide.

On the outside, the car gets all the usual supercar refinements; LED daytime running lights, an extravagant five-exhaust setup and an engine viewing area. On the inside, the design will incorporate a McLaren F1, three seat arrangement. The logo is Doni’s signature and, we’re told, will be finished in 24 karat gold with two emerald stones either side.

Amoritz GT are yet to get an example road registered. Just one exists at the moment, from which they are taking moulds to be able to produce a second vehicle. It is hoped that this second vehicle will comence track tests some time in the near future. Interestingly, the Brazilian manufacturer hopes to produce the cars in a Brazilian mountain town and create a tourist attraction out of it.

[Via WorldCarFans, MotorTips]

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    Worse yet , whats up with all the More Money than Brains fools putting their hard earned down to purchase these pieces of junk ?


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