Novidem officially unveiled four new tuning packages at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. One of these is the Novidem Audi R8 Bi-Compressor.

Novidem is known for their work on the engine of the PPI Design Razor GTR-10. They developed the bi-compressor engine upgrade for the 2010 Tuning Car of the Year.

The Swiss tuner has upgraded the performance of the Audi R8 by adding two compressors, pushing the 4.2 liter V8 engine to deliver an impressive 800 horsepower.

The mid-engined sports car with the four rings has also been fitted with a body kit and a roll cage. The body can be lowered 10-25mm at the front and 20-35mm at the rear. The sports car rides on 20 inch GT rims sizing 10.0×20 ET13 front and 11.5×20 ET19 rear. The rims are fitted with Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT tires.

The price is up on request and the tuned supercar is limited to ten worldwide.

Geneva Motor Show 2012

Video Novidem Audi R8 Bi-Compressor Live in Geneva

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