The Morgan Roadster 3.7 Liter has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2012. Unlike the others, it uses a uses a new Ford Cyclone six cylinder engine in a smaller chassis, both in size and in weight. It retains the same classic feel that Morgan’s of old and new have been synonymous with. We sent as photographer for a closer look!

The overall weight of only 950kg for this aluminium car, alongside the 280bhp power figure, equates to a power to weight ratio of around 295bhp per tonne. A customer can personalise his Morgan Roadster to his individual taste and the choices are virtually inexhaustible.

For full details on the Morgan Roadster 3.7 liter, please read our earlier article.

Geneva Motor Show 2012

Video Morgan Roadster 3.7 Liter in Geneva

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  1. Are this photos right ?!
    The 3.7 must have a two exhaust, this car has only one.
    This car must be a normal plus4 !!!!?????


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