Robert Himler recently posted a new video on his YouTube channel. This time his friend, David Wiggs, took his recently purchased Lamborghini LP670-4 SV to the Dyno. Not content with the 595 and 585hp readings he go from the four-wheel drive setup, he then converted his new Lamborghini into a rear-wheel drive monster! The result is an extra 20hp on the dyno and by removing the front differential, half-shafts, and torque tube, 125lbs less weight.

They went even further than that though. The secondary cats and muffler were also removed for an additional weight saving of 89lbs. Both four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive runs were completed in third and fourth gear. The car has been nicknamed ‘The Stig’.

Wiggs has big plans for this Murcielago. The car started off life as a Bianco Canopus Lamborghini LP670-4 SV with the big wing. To date it has received the rear-wheel drive conversion conversion, the exhaust modifications, lowered suspension and a rear-light blackout. The plan is to attach a twin turbo kit making it the fastest Lamborghini in the world. The overall power figure the project aims for is 1,600 rear wheel horsepower.

If you want to follow the build, you can do so on Facebook. Enjoy the video and the photos so far. We’ll keep you updated when more details come through.

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