The word’replica’ doesn’t always have to be a negative one. Take this 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO Replica by Allegretti for example. Back in the 1970’s a German Ferrari collector discovered three Scaglietti Series I GTO bodies at the renowned Ferrari coachbuilders Allegretti. The bodies were produced to quickly replace damaged bodies of original 250 GTO’s used in races. One of these Scaglietti spare bodies was used to build a 250 GTO, chassis number 5815GT.

The base for the project was a Ferrari 330 supplied to Allegretti by the German Collector. It features a 3.9 liter engine producing 365bhp, with two overhead camshafts, six double carburettors and dry sump lubrication. When the replica was finished in 1979, it entered the German collection, where it has remained until now. Back then, the build cost the owner more than 1 million Deutschmark or € 500,000.

Essentially, this car is an original Ferrari 250 GTO with a different chassis and engine. With the original Series 1 250 GTO’s being the most coveted collectors car of modern times, this replica is very special indeed. Coys says the car is in excellent condition, regularly serviced despite very little use. It has EU registration documents and so can be registered throughout the EU without further costs.



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