The plans to produce a limited production run of the new Lancia Stratos have been officially put to bed. The New Stratos was created by German businessman Michael Stoschek and designed by Pininfarina as a tribute to the legendary rally car of the seventies. It used the Ferrari 430 Scuderia as it’s base, as Jalopnik reports, Ferrari CEO Dr. Amedeo Felisa offered his support for the one-off project but not for the production run.

The Stratos package measures 4.1 meters in length, features a shortened Ferrari 430 Scuderia chassis and weighs in at just 1,247kg with the weight distributed 44% in the front and 56% at the rear. The power-to-weight ratio of the Stratos is 2.3kg/hp. The sports car uses the Scuderia’s 4.3 liter V8 engine, which churns out 540hp and over 500Nm of torque. The sprint to 100km/h is done in just 3.3 seconds and 200km/h in an impressive 9.7 seconds.

There is a silver lining to the story though. Stoschek have revealed that they are in talks with Renault over the possibility of producing a successor to the Renault Alpine A110 Berlinette. The Alpine was a 98hp, leightweight straight-four capable of 219km/h. We’ll just have to wait and see how that one turns out!

Renault Alpine A110 Berlinette

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  1. Thumbs down for Ferrari there. But why doesn’t anyone else pick that project up? I bet there are many people who were looking forward to that car (me included) and were potential customers (me included after winning the lottery)

    Sad story.
    But I’m looking forward to the Renault Alpine hope this will go better :)

  2. The renault might be more affordable and would be perfect for my 40′ bday. 3 1/2 years to go…
    “La crise de la quarantaine”


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