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Overkill: Rolls-Royce Phantom by Junction Produce

Rolls Royce Phantom by Junction Produce

We’ve got another overkill for you today. Spotted on the web by one of our forum members, these photos show a Rolls-Royce Phantom finished in the ‘VIP style’ by Japanese tuner Junction Produce. For those not familiar with the Japanese craze, we’ll explain.

The idea is that you take a luxury vehicle, usually a Mercedes or a Lexus, in this case a Rolls Royce Phantom and add a set of rims that sit flush with the fender, perhaps even off camber. Next you add a bodykit, lower the ride height and add an exhaust that extends further from the rear bumper. VIP style was once the reserve of the Yakuza.

Junction Produce have added 24 inch Scara OZ wheels to the British limo. They measure 10 inches wide at front and 11 inches at the rear. A new front bodykit, LED running lights, fender air vents, side sills, rear roof spoiler, rear boot lid spoiler, rear bumper and exhaust kit are all features. Finally, the suspension has been dropped as low as possible.

We think you’ll agree that the work carried out on this Rolls-Royce Phantom is extensive and very well executed. It’s also legitimate, the VIP style is a big tradition in Japan, it’s even filtered into the European car scene. However, in-keeping with our tongue-in-cheek overkill category, this is where we think it belongs. Let us know what you think in the comments box below!

[Via BustedSpeed, ra64freddy, SpeedHunters]


  1. what is this ccrap looks like a fake why would you do that to a fantastic car i do like some tuned cars but the roller no just put some khan weels and thats it


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