DC Design has released a teaser of their upcoming supercar which will be unveiled at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo on January 5, 2012.

Perhaps the name DC Design may ring a bell. The Indian design firm is responsible for a converted Rolls-Royce Phantom which featured on the frontpage some time ago. The Mumbai based company has also built many concepts based on cars ranging from the Tato Nano to Aston Martin.

The car has been labeled as “India’s own supercar”. Dilip Chhabria, the promoter of DC Design said:

With this car, we are making the transformation from a design house to a production house. It will offer the looks, feel, dimensions, quality and fit and finish comparable to supercars from Lamborghini and Ferrari, minus the horsepower. We were planning to call it the Buddh, after India’s Formula One Circuit, but the response for the name has not been encouraging, so we are thinking up a new one now.

Not much information has been released, but the DC Design will likely be powered by turbocharged Honda V6 which should provide approximately 400 horsepower. The kerb weight of the mid-engined car will be 1,560kg.

Production should start at the end of 2013. DC Design plans to produce 300 units in the first full year at its plant in Pune, and scale it up to 3,000 units subsequently. Pricing could start at 30 lakh rupees, which equals $ 56,300 or € 43,500.

More news will follow, so stay tuned!

[Via Motorauthority and Business Standard]



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