Perhaps you might remember the Edo Competition Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution which crashed and almost submerged in a lake during the Targa Newfoundland in Canada. The Enzo suffered damage worth over $ 100,000 and is currently being overhauled at Edo Competition in Germany.

The German tuner is also adding more power into the Enzo XX Evolution. Whereas the V12 delivered an already impressive 860hp and a top speed of 392km/h, the latest modifications will result in a staggering 950hp.

Owner of the yellow Enzo is the 56-year-old exotic car dealer Zahir Rana. He plans to bring his refurbished Ferrari back to the Targa Newfoundland this year. Rana is very excited:

Next year I’m going back again with twenty cars. All my friends and clients are now envious. They said, “oh, we should have gone.” It should be great. I’m looking forward to it.

[Via Winnipeg Free Press and]

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