Carscoop recently posted a set of renderings produced by Dejan Hristov, which show what Bugatti could deceide to do with the Galibier concept. The renders follow from the recent news that Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer has taken the project right back to the drawing board having been unhappy with the reception that the Galibier got in its original form.

Hristov’s attempt at the Bugatti Sedan offers a single door interpretation. The new concept follows the reborn Bugatti marque’s design roots more clearly. A number of the features you see in these renderings have been inspired by the Veyron including the grille and the side profile.

Hristov’s sedan features a single door with a gullwing style opening mechanism. This removes the need for a b-pillar and allows for a low, coupé style look. Both sets of wheel arches appear to feature large air vents that float away from the vehicle’s body. A pop-up spoiler is one of the main rear features alongside a unique vertical single exhaust. The central ‘fin’ remains and a triple-tiered diffuser finishes off the back.

It’s an interesting design and we doubt it could ever be produced for a production vehicle. Take a look at it and let us know what you think. Should this be inspiring the designers at Bugatti?


  1. I doubt Bugatti are going to build a Panamera or Rapide type car. I think the Galibier is more like a Rolls Royce / Bentley / Maybach with sporty GT characteristics.


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