For Sale 2007 Premier 4509 Bentley Continental GT Widebody

According to the sales ad on Jameslist, this is one of the most exclusive Bentley Continental GTs in the world. Only 100 of these cars were planned to be build and luckily only 16 exist. This model is available in the UK.

The Bentley has a fireglow two tone red and black interior with diamond stitching, piano black inlays, Mulliner driving specification and soft closure doors. The tuning package features a Premier 4509 Bentley Widebody styling kit with front vented bumper, rear vented bumper, sideskirts, rear spoiler, widebody flared arches, filler cap, and a branding package. All the body parts are made of carbon fiber and the paint has the name Grigo Telesto pearl.

The car has a lowered sports suspension and rides on DPE fully forged lightweight bespoke build wheels with five inch lips at the rear. The wheels size 22×10.5 inch at the front and 22×13 at the rear. At the back you will spot bespoke racing tips for the exhaust and the tuner fitted a 645bhp bespoke power upgrade.

The tuned luxury car is available at Vogue Auto Design for £ 109,990, or approximately € 131,567.

For Sale 2007 Premier 4509 Bentley Continental GT Widebody 01



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