Win a Ride in Robert Himler's Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo

Robert Himler, owner of an Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo, has started an unique worldwide giveaway in celebration of his 100th YouTube video.

We all know Robert because of his hilarious video showing his mom filmed by a hidden GoPro camera inside the 1250WHP Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo. To give you the option to experience the same, he is flying in five people from around the world to have a ride in his Gallardo. And if you wouldn’t mind, he is going to film your reaction and post it on YouTube just like his mom’s!

He thinks this is an awesome way to give something back to his fans and viewers, and we agree completely. Entering the contest is extremely simple and you have five chances to win. Just visit:

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  1. wow instead he’s gonna fly out 5 ppl so they can ride in his baby lambo!!! No way im sooooo exicited!!!

    hahahaha really this guy is an ass, better hope he doesnt fly out someone who will beat the shit out his skinny ass and steal his ride

  2. Okay, first off here are my top three predictions-

    1. Later down the road Mister Himler will become more mature and realize that a respected entrepreneur develops things for the well being of society and people. He does not race cars around illegally and dangerously and post videos of it and make websites that make pictures of cars. Major immaturity/poser here.
    2. He will unfortunately wreck and kill himself or others and be put in jail.
    3. I built an electric superkart for $2,000 that will accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds. No it will not hang with his car above 60. Yes it will out accelerate ANY car. So if you want to experience G force look into superkarts, you don’t have to be rich. An electric motor makes maximum torque from standstill. If I heat the tires well enough it basically feels as if I sat in the kart and had a Mac truck accelerate to 60 mph and slam into my kart. So these super cars are not necessary to experience insane acceleration.

    Doctor Mehoff


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