Following our yearly tradition its time for our Tuner of the Year 2011 nomination. This year we have added two more Awards: Hypercar of the Year 2011 and Supercar Photo of the Year 2011 next to our Awards for Supercar of the Year 2011 and Tuning Car of the Year 2011.

The nominees for all our categories have been selected based on votes from our editorial team and this year two prizes per category will be awarded, one Readers Choice Award based on the public vote below and one Editorial Award based on the opinions of our editorial team. All hypercars, supercars and tuning cars which had their first customer deliveries this year qualified to be nominated. The awards will be awarded on January 10th 2012 when the polls are closed.

Here is our list of this years 10 nominees for the Tuner of the Year title. Cast your vote below!

Vote for the best Tuner of the Year 2011

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If you haven’t already, please also vote for your favourite Hypercar of the Year 2011, Supercar of the Year 2011, Tuning Car of the Year 2011 and Supercar Photo of the Year 2011! And feel free to comment on your vote in the comments below!


  1. Hennessey and Anderson nominated? The 1M classified as a ‘supercar”? 3 cars nominated for Brabus (instead of one to broaden the field)? ..and a boring photo of a GTR. I wont be voting for any categories, the editorial team has shown poor judgement.

  2. Mansory will be this year’s Tuner! Sure, G-Power makes good stuff, but hardly the year’s best tuners. Don’t really understand how they can lead.

  3. I would say Anderson Germany is the best Tuner of the Year 2011. They came up with a lot of supercars this year and they have a unique style. so thumps up. Mansory is see on the 2nd spot.


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