9ff is a German tuning company founded by Jan Fatthauer in Dortmund in 2001 as 9ff Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH. Ever since 9ff was founded it was specialized in Porsche tuning. The name 9ff comes from the Porsche 911. In 2008 the 9ff GT9 set the record for fastest street-legal car in the world with a speed of 409 km/h (256 mph).

Below you can find the latest 9ff tuning news, models and reviews of the latest models with photos and videos.

Essen 2012 9ff GT9 Vmax

Essen 2012: 9ff GT9 Vmax

Essen 2011: 9ff GT9 Clubsport

Road Test 9ff GTrack

Road Test: 9ff GTrack

For Sale: 9ff GT9 R