Vygor Opera

After the first release in October, the Italians at Vygor released a new design and additional specifications of their Opera. Vygor proposes the Opera in two different lines, OPERA.1, aggressiv and original, OPERA.2, elegant and exclusive. But if a client wants to have something more special they offer the possibility to create a personal Opera design.

The ‘unique’ vehicle is available with three different set-ups; “All-road” with special shock-absorbers and 18 inch wheels with tyres 245/60R18, “Easy” with special shock-absorbers and 20 inch wheels with tyres 255/35ZR20, “Extreme” with special shock-absorbers and 22 inch wheels with tyres 255/30ZR22. Other features are a double-triangle individual wheel suspension, special adjustable shock-absorber Ohlins with separeted feed, permanent 4WD, Torsen front differential, rear slip limited differential, and traction distribution with adjustment in the cabin.

The bodywork in composite and steel is combined with a tubular chassis made of high-strength steel. The total weight is 1,580kg for a car sizing 4.86m in length, 2.00m in width and 1.63m in height.

The engine is 2.0 liter turbo engine from Mitsubishi and tuned by Terrosi available in three power steps; 300hp, 350hp and 420hp. The maximum torque available is 380Nm, 490Nm and 590Nm. Top speed is 250 or 260km/h, and the acceleration 0-100km/h happens in 5,9 or 4,9 seconds.

On the inside you have standard seats, a dashboard, a steering wheel, panels, central console covered with first choice Italy skin. The whole package is hand-assembled. The client selects the colour and the skin quality, selects the instrumentation, and selects the particulars and other details.

The pricing has also been released. It starts at 140,000 Euro plus taxes.

Vygor Opera 01

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  1. Euro 140,000 (plus tax) for a Mitsubishi in a body kit? Funnily enough I can go out and buy their latest car for about 30k, put new suspension on all corners, hit the panels with an ugly stick for free (as these people appear to have done) and voila! Job done. The car looks like the wet dream of a chav who drives around town in a heavily modded Citroen Saxo. Also, this car has a 2.0 litre engine: why does it need 4 exhausts?

    Instead of wasting money on this, for the same money you could buy a BMW M3 and a M5…

    …or an Aston Martin Rapide…

    …or a BMW M3 and a supercharged Range Rover with all the trimmings…

    …or just anything anything apart from this piece of junk!


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