Top Gear Cleared Of Libel Against Tesla Motors

The high court in London, today ruled that Top Gear did not libel Tesla Motors. The verdict comes as part of the ongoing litigation between the two parties. A claim for malicious falsehood is still to be determined. The Californian company raised the claim at the beginning of this year after lending the British motoring show two cars back in 2008 for a televised review.

Speaking at the high court today Mr Justice Tugendhat said ‘that no Top Gear viewer would have reasonably compared the car’s performance on the show’s airfield track to its likely performance on a public road.’ The ruling on this particular part of the case makes a clear distinction between the track and road elements of a vehicle test.

The case arose from Jeremy Clarkson’s claims that the Roadster only lasted 55 miles on Top Gear’s Dunsfold track. Tesla claims a range of 200 miles for the car making the Top Gear figure 145 miles short of the quoted figure. The libel argument centered around a claim that Top Gear had fabricated the segment. Further to this, Tesla also claim that a blown fuse was characterised as a brake failure, and that the Roadster did not became immobile as a result of overheating. We reported on Telsa’s claim here and Top Gear’s response here.

The case continues with the judge yet to decide on the five separate matters of malicious falsehood. We expect to hear the result of these final claims either later today or tomorrow morning. We’ll keep you updated.

[Via Guardian]

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  1. I find TopGear does say alot of negitive things about cars it test drives like the Lambo Adventador which when put on the track was able to surpass some of the fastest twinturboed supercars including the BUGGATI VEYRON SS ,,and still they claimed the Adventador as a soso type sports car WTF the BRITS dont know a great Hypercar if it ran them over

  2. Im not really a fan of the Tesla, its electric so its power with laptop batteries and there’s no ROAR from the engine how gay is that

  3. @ Lambo Man
    I think Top Gear is very subjective, but I still love the show. Think about it. They always say that BMW is the best balanced and manufactured car in the world, yet they associate pompous and arrogant a-holes with driving them. Interesting don’t you think?

  4. Tesla. It’s pretty sad seeing this …. Rather than prove Top Gear wrong by spinning back at them and ‘arranging or tracking out a car’ so that you can ‘on TV’ fight the claim in a fun and entertaining way with clarkson and the girls, instead you revert to the all-to-common mentality of ‘sue’ ….. I would hate to buy one of your cars, would never recommend anyone buy one and/or have anything to do with your cars … For the pure and simple reason if we ( the customer ) had an issue you’ll pull the ‘Top Gear’ clause and claim nothing is wrong with your car and that we are wrong as the customer.

    Hope you go bust. Really just a useless blip on the auto landscape


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