A 28-year-old German guy has managed to hit a top speed of 325km/h in his Bentley Continental GT. This does not seem to be a major achievement for a German citizen, but he drove the speed on the Autobahn A1 in Switzerland, a country known for their strict rules on excessive speeding.

The daredevil filmed the whole run up to the top speed of the British luxury car with his cellphone. Unfortunately, the video has not been released or uploaded to YouTube. The police was able to catch and convict the driver, after they pulled him over and found out that he had filmed the high speed run. The video is now used as evidence.

The incident occurred in April this year. The man had been traveling alone, according to a police statement. Via insiders we received information that the driver lost his drivers license initially, but received it back over the past few months.

The driver now awaits time in court and a sentence following his actions.

[Via Tagesschau.sf.tv]

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