Chris Brown's Fighter Jet Styled Lamborghini Gallardo

RnB singer Chris Brown has been pictured driving his own custom Lamborghini Gallardo sports car with a specially modified look based on the legendary F-86 Sabre, transonic jet fighter aircraft.

His custom paint job goes so far as to have specially painted on rivets along each of the luxury sports car’s panels. The entertainer was spotted in downtown Los Angeles.

Chris Brown's Fighter Jet Styled Lamborghini Gallardo 01

Chris Brown's Fighter Jet Styled Lamborghini Gallardo 02


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  1. Author needs to learn something about US military aircraft before spouting off ignorance. This car has markings for German and Japanese "kills" on the door below the side mirror. This clearly marks it as a WWII fighter, as does the "Star and Bars" insignia which is missing the red stripe that was added post-war. That makes the car an homage most likely to the P-51, the most successful American fighter from the war, and a plane that was almost always bare metal as portrayed by this paint job.

  2. WW2 Paint Job, if I had to guess I'd say James Howard's P-51 Ding Hao was the inspiration for the paint job, although Howard had more Kills against the Japanese then the Germans.

  3. Thanks jwarren, that drove me crazy, f-86 paint job, pshhhhhhhh. P-51 was fairly obvious the moment I looked at it, guess they don't pay these guys for brains. Added comment, though yes the stripes look like the f-86, those stripes were painted on all allied planes prior to the invasion of Normandy so as to not have ground fire confusing friend from foe.

  4. There are no painting job that resembles to the P-51 Mustang in WWII. I know what painting job looks like and Lamborghini paint job itself is post-WWII era of Air Force. It is F-86's painting job and whoever paint that car need to re-take history classes. I'm outta of here!


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