Lamborghini IAA 2011

Italian sports car maker Lamborghini has invited us for a release of a new super sports car at the IAA 2011 in September. The invitation states:

Discover a new Lamborghini super sports car at the next Frankfurt Motor Show. Press conference 13/09/11, 12:45, Lamborghini stand at IAA.

Up to this moment it is unknown what Lamborghini will show us. Numerous options have been rumored over the past few months, but none of them seem to fit to the current time schedule of a release next month.

A successor to the Gallardo sports car seems to be to early, however a concept of the Cabrera could be an option. An Aventador Roadster? Too soon as well. Production version of the Estoque? Not really a super sports car, is it.

This leaves us with two other options; a more challenging RWD Lamborghini Aventador supercar with an increased horsepower and a lowered weight or the production version of the Sesto Elemento Concept. Introduced last year at the Paris Motor Show and with an expected release in October it seems to be the best possible option for the IAA 2011 next month, but we have to wait and see.

The Sesto Elemento Concept has a naturally-aspirated 5.2 liter V10 engine producing 570bhp and 540Nm of maximum torque. The total weight is only 999kg. Acceleration from 0-100km/h is done in 2.5 seconds and it can hit a top speed in excess of 300km/h.

The ultimate lightweight sports car will have a limited production run of 10 or 20 units. Its price will surpass € 1.9 million.

Feel free to share your comments on our theory.

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  1. First of all I was thinking of a lightweight-version of the Aventator, like a the 670SV, but I think it is a bit early for this evolution. Obviously there will be a convertible and a lightweight version of the Aventator..

    It is unlikely that they will show us a completely new car dont you think??

  2. @Alex,

    Gallardo successor is too soon, the Aventador has just been released so no new version (convertible or lightweight model) until 2013, Estoque is not a super sports car, same for the SUV.

    So in the end you are left with the Sesto Elemento which is a track-biased sports car and a rumoured RWD Aventador-based supercar.

  3. Nice logic MR. I too think it won’t be a tweaked Aventador, it’s way too early, we are in August, and not even one Aventador is delivered to a customer, imagine the looks on the faces of the Aventador owners that bought this car and less than few months a newer better model comes out, it’s not fair, you have to let your customer enjoy his/her car at least a year before coming out with a better version of the same car..

    I am not a big follower of the Gallardo, so I don’t know if it is time for a successor or not, The logic says it has to do with the Sesto..

  4. The Aventador with Veyron tyres is used just for testing purposes.

    It´s about the Sesto Elemento, that´s for sure (at least that´s what I think). The question is if they are planning a street-legal version of it or just a limited production run of the concept shown at Paris… and since the second option has already been done, this leaves us with only one option… here is your exclusive MR ;D

  5. I dont think its an Aventador SV,generally the whole idea is a bit stupid if we consider that:
    Murcielago RWD was launched in 2001(correct me if i am wrong) the LP640 4WD came in late 2005/6 and LP670 in 2009 so its too early anyways to speculate of a new Aventador except if its the 400+kmh version that would balance a little the LP700 gigantic waiting list,it would propably sell of for 10 months till 13/09/11 15:45…
    Or it could be the Estoque,i would bet my money on that chance.


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