Lamborghini Plans +400km/h Aventador?

What do we see on the following two pictures? If you look closely you will spot the wheels of a Bugatti Veyron outfitted to a Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador test mule. This can mean a lot of things, but let’s speculate.

Both vehicles were developed within the VAG group. The Veyron uses 265mm at the front and 365mm at the back, the Aventador 255 front and 335 rear. The wheel size differs one inch for both the rear and front wheels in favor of the Bugatti.

Lamborghini Plans +400km/h Aventador?

So what do we have here? Is Lamborghini planning a +400km/h Aventador with an increased amount of horsepower? Are the current tires not sufficient enough and are tailor made tires planned for the new V12 Lambo? Is Lambo planning a hypercar?

We have to speculate at this stage. For us it is unknown what this means, so feel free to address any of your thoughts in the comment box below.


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  1. Why dont we look at this the other way. The Aventador is VAG most up to date vehicle with the latest techonologies in place. So it would be a perfect mule for any supercar/hypercar in the VAG lineup. This maybe a prototype for a new Bugatti engine, whilst the new Bugatti wont be a Hypercar its engine will still pack a serious punch which the Aventador could handle, starting with the mods we can see.

  2. Nah! If that was the case they would’ve use Veyron mule. You know when you don’t try to make the quality up to the customers standard and you don’t bother to put interior the Veyron’s chassis is no different than Aventador’s pricewise and it’s already made for that engine. And it’s made to handle heavy mass. I thing this is another Lambo on its way. Maybe new Reventon. Who knows!

  3. I have another one! Rear wheels drive Aventador. Maybe they just needed wider rear wheels and they borrowed from Veyron. How awesome would that be?!

  4. +1 with both speculations from Kris.Maybe a successor to the Reventon, but i don’t really see this coming up this soon.Most probably a rear wheel drive aventador, like amborghini did with the Gallardo lp550-2.

  5. well they are thinking of a Aventador SV model just put TwinTubos and you have a Bugatti killer easy the got Undergorund Racing TT gallardos hiting with 1550rwhp that spanks a bugattis ass in accelleration standing miles hitting 250mph ,,,,bugattis hit 224mph in the standing mile

  6. The only thing special about the Veyron wheels/tires is that VAG is able to convince the glitterati they’re worth ~$20k. They’re fairly generic cast wheels wearing Pilot Sport PS2s in a whacky size.

    If VAG wanted to make a faster Aventador, they could pull just about anyone’s Y-rated street tires off the rack and have at it.


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