Overkill Audi R8 - Too Low, Too Yellow

The following yellow Audi R8 belongs in our Overkill category. The sports car is just too low and too yellow. We hope you agree.

Overkill Audi R8 - Too Low, Too Yellow 01

[Photos via Speedhunters.com]

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  1. Yeah! I think with stock rims it’ll look much better. But don’t think it’s too low. It’s like saying the GT3 racer is too low. I always wanted to drive a car as low as a racing car, but it’s impossible in the real world with speed bumps and all. I can live with the colour, but I want these side scoops in black.

  2. “We hope you agree”…we don’t. This doesn’t venture into the overkill category strongly enough to label it as such. Maybe the rims are a bit much but other than that–I like it.

  3. if he wanted yellow rims he should have painted the rest of the car in black and due some yellow stripes and shit on the car, but yellow on yellow looks kinda shitty, appart from that it’s ok

  4. Car fanatic, race and custom shop owner, and professional sports car driver for over 15 years, ALMS Exc.Exc. This might look cool parked but completely disrupts the geometry of all the suspension and will tear things up with a quickness, not to mention most drivers do not have enough skill to drive this much car anyway. If it’s driven I foresee a crash in the future due to something breaking under stress loads or unloading in a corner over the slightest bump. causing the owner to hang on and enjoy the ride and hope there is something left of that beautiful car when the smoke clears.


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