Overkill Audi R8 'Space Ship'

Money and taste don’t always go hand in hand. Same came be said when we look at this white Audi R8 V8.

Codenamed Space ship by an US company called Rim Source, this is the best possible example of an overkill. The rims and the mix between the two colors – white and orange – is where it goes wrong here.

[Via CarDomain]

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  1. If that’s overkill, how does ABT get off so lightly with their ugly R8 kits, eg rear-end designs? ..most of the Mansory stuff would rival this R8 with their garish colour combos. ,,best tuner award lol

  2. Hmmm… If you’d have those clear taillights, orange rims and maybe an orange stripe going over the hood to the roof and to the back, over the car you know :D like a race stripe (damn my vocabulary is narrow) then it could look like a cool one.

    Now its just damn ugly.


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