Official Dartz Prombron Nagel by Gray Design

Gray Design known for their unique naval creations and Dartz Kombat have announced the launch of the Dartz Prombron Nagel. The Nagel is an armored sportback SUV celebrating 100 years of motoring for Dartz armored vehicles and is the worlds first armored Sportback, designed for pulling yachts.

The car is to be launched in 2012, a year of many anniversaries for the legendary car brand RussoBalt (RussoBaltique) which later became Prombron and was later reborn as the daring Dartz Prombron. Designed by Eduard Gray of Gray Design, the car is built on the Dartz Prombron platform using the worlds safest KAPSULA technology and is capable of towing yachts up to five tones in weight and up to 15 meters in length.

The projected speed is a staggering 250km/h, allowing yacht owners to be the first on the scene for any occasion, be it the seaside or the race track, according to the two companies. The vehicle is powered by a specially created 2,000hp engine.

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  1. That’s for boating in the combat zone. Something rich guys do everyday.
    Too bad it’s armored because the design is very innovative and, apart from the overworked doors, I quite like it.

  2. This thing makes the Pontiac Aztek look like a DB9 lol okay wait i take that back but this thing is still very ugly


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