The Top Marques Monaco 2011 car show has come to an end. Our complete coverage of the event has been summarized in one single video showing you the highlights of the Monte-carlo car show based at the Grimaldi Forum. Next to the car show Top Marques hosted two other events showing high quality watches, exclusive accesories, and superfast speed boats.

Stay tuned for more from Monaco in the upcoming days and weeks. More videos and stories will be released onto our front page giving you the best of the best from the streets of the tiny principality in the South of France.

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  1. @Bagabu: Noble M600? Pagani Huayra? 3 special Bugatti Veyron’s together? Koenigsegg Agera R? Countless new tuning vehicles from MTM, ABT, Top Car, Gemballa, PPI, etc?

  2. But who cares about some tuner’s cars?
    Adding 2-3 spoilers and tuning the engine.

    If they had the presentation of the Huayra that would have been cool.

    But so, it’s just a wanna-be exhibition.

  3. Maybe most of the cars were displayed somewhere else as you said. But consider this: On no other show the cars were driving through town on the road like the Agera R and the Veyrons and Zondas did in Monaco.

    Fantasic vid and a lot of great stuff there, I wish I could be there :(

  4. If the HTT Plethore would have been there, then you would have had something quite unique… Not saying there was no interesting cars, far from it, but.. The Plethore is a new supercar, from a very recent company and it has design cues that no other car on the market actually has. You should google it =)


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