Choose Your Miss Tuning 2011 Finalist

The organisation from Tuning World Bodensee 2011 and German car magazine are looking for the most beautiful girl of the German tuning scene. Now that the twenty candidates are set you can choose which one is the nicest.

Until the 17th of April all registered readers have the opportunity to choose their favorite in the top 10. At the Tuning World Bodensee in Friedrichshafen (5 May to 8 May 2011) the final decision will be made. So which of the twenty finalists should be crowned Miss Tuning 2011, and win a brand new Skoda Fabia RS.

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  1. 12, but I don’t see what the link to Tuning is… Unless she’s tuning the water’s flavour?

    Why is it most of these chicks (with the exception of 2, 4 and 12) look like shots from a porn flick?

  2. In picture no.9 the two of them are in a Dacia Sandero :)) a good looking car and very good for tuning too ;) =)) you know…James May might be right with this car, hot chicks love it! :))

  3. I’m with Andy on this, that is a right collection of munters. Number 10!! Really???. Where the hell is Caroline Fischerlehner, she has been at the Essen Motorshow for the past 2 years, and is miles ahead in beauty and class. Did the judges have braile pictures? Better luck next year!

  4. wow I thought you guys might be being overly critical but this is ridiculous. The pictures look like they were taken with a shitty camera phone. #5 looks like she is dropping a deuce. #13 Holy s*** # 13 looks like a transvestite reinacting the death of a prostitute (seriously check her out). #9 is smoking but the rest of these women are sub par especially for this type of competition. Or is this a joke?


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