2011 Jensen Interceptor R

The United Kingdom is home to many car manufacturers. Jensen is a rather small company, that has created the “Interceptor” about 40 years ago. Over the last few years several attemps were tried to bring back the Jensen Interceptor on the market, but all failed. Now there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel and a new Interceptor should see daylight as a production car at the end of this year.

The Jensen Interceptor R has been built by a new UK company Jensen International Automotive. Under the hood you’ll find a modern 6.2 liter Corvette V8 creating 429bhp. The power provides a sprint from standstill to 100km/h in just 4,5 seconds.

The new car is due to be unveiled to the public at the Salon Prive event in the UK somewhere in June. Each car is hand built and takes around five months to produce. The asking price in the UK starts at around $ 171,650.

2011 Jensen Interceptor R

2011 Jensen Interceptor R

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  1. If they’re really asking that much for the car pictured here, they will sell none. To be fair it’s not about money: nobody would want this thing even for free. They should draw something new and keep the cool name.

  2. Of course you’re looking at the original 1972 car here. Where I thought they’d lost their way.

    I would have much preferred the delicious CV8 to make a comeback !

  3. Those who don’t appreciate the car’s reincarnation perhaps weren’t around during its original heyday. The company only perhaps lost their way due to the cumulative layers of events such as US-Emissions controls that progressively detuned the engine, the 1973 Energy Crisis, the global slump that exponentially affected the car industry, and the crippling 3-Day weeks with Unions stifiling the life out of yet another fabulous car product. The Interceptor was always an awesome car, but was a victim of a set of circumstances beyond its control. The revival via JIA only serves to set the record straight and push the rest button on the car but bringing it into the 21st century. The car is a classic and a legend, with a charisma that I guess “you had to be there” to truly appreciate. JIA can rebulid a donor car to any degree of modernisation necessary… the R-GT Version is very contemporary indeed in style… check out the site to understand this, and you’ll also appreciate that the renovation/modernisation is way more than just a new engine. They have changed so many different things. The body-shell is the same but is completely re worked as far as 21st century painting and rust proofing technology, the wring loom and electrics are latest and state of the art, the suspension is totally modernised, as is uprated braking , 6 speed transmission (or 4 speed auto), traction control (there is even paddle shift and “launch control” available on option) and a load of other transformations. Oh, and an option of a twin supercharged variant that knocks out 550BHP … if the Normally aspirated version at 430BHP can hit 100KM/H in 4.5secs can you imagine how fast this will be? I dont think there is anything that will touch it for charisma, originality or style, and given the outstanding performance and handling reports that the motoring press who have driven the “R”… comparatively I think it actually IS worth the price tag.


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