Car Crash 20-year-old Driver Destroys Gumpert Apollo

A 20-year-old driver from Germany ran out of luck in Brokdorf (Schleswig-Holstein) when he crashed a Gumpert Apollo sports car with a value of at least € 300,000. The youngster was driving too fast in a curve and lost control of the vehicle.

According to the police, he was on a road between Brokdorf and Wilster when he lost control of the Gumpert after a sharp left turn. The driver and his 19-year-old female passenger were slightly injured.

Car Crash 20-year-old Driver Destroys Gumpert Apollo 01


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  1. What I love about this story is that someone is going to comment on it saying ‘this shows why young drivers are so irresponsible’, when realistically, something like 90% of the crashes shown on wrecked exotics are caused by middle aged men! But there you go.

  2. @Neil Winn: but there are far more middle aged men driving fast cars than there are young men. The ratio of driving : crashing is worse for younger drivers.

  3. @ Dave Hahahaha idiot do you have a bar graph to back up your statistical analysis.
    Stereotypes are a real time saver huh?

    Honestly from what I’ve seen if theres a cute chick in the car youre far more likely to drive like an asshole. Thats speaking from personal experience too ;-)

    BTW these cars are amazing.

  4. And yes most likely this is daddies car. but this kid has one awesome “daddy” to let him drive a car most people will never even get a chance to see.
    The kid made a mistake while trying to impress his girlfriend, pops made a mistake letting this kid drive the car.
    I’m sure “daddy” is very happy to know that his son is alive and that he didn’t kill his pasenger.

    The daddy comments come from a place of jealousy. Get over it.

  5. if i got a cute chick in my car – which happens quite often ;) – im driving much more gentleman than without passengers

  6. @ Nugget: You’re the exception my man, nothing wrong with that.

    OK Dave then enlighten me what exactly are the ratios then?

    Ratio of driving to crashing for younger drivers (Fast Cars)
    Ratio of driving to crashing Middle age (Fast Cars)
    Ratio of middle age drivers in fast cars vs young men

    or were you just talking out of your ass????

  7. I have a few friends that had Z06’s and Vipers for their first cars and they never wrecked them. You just have to respect the raw power.

  8. @Rick: I told you I don’t have any statistics, dumbass.

    Just like I don’t know the ratio between the population right now vs. population 1000 years ago. Doesn’t mean there’s any question about whether or not more people exist at the moment.

  9. I’m with nugget. I drive a lot gentler when I have a girl on the passenger seat. Driving ridiculous fast won’t make her panties drop faster.

  10. @Rick, in UK the younger the driver, more he pays for insurance. This is based on statistics. No mather what car you drive if you are young driver you are most likely to crash so you pay more.
    However, nice crash LOL

  11. So, he wanted to impress a girlfriend, huh? As if turning up in a 700 HP supercar weren’t impressive enough. By crashing he did just the opposite. Show some respect! It’s 700 f**king horsepower!

  12. @nugget and @turboman

    Me too, absolutely, if my girlfriend is in the car my standard of driving goes up not down. If I ever am *tempted* to do silly things it’s with other guys, absolutely not girls although I try never to do so.

  13. I’m with Dave on this one.
    Why would insurance be more expensive for younger people if they weren’t more likely to have an accident?
    The total number of accidents involving sports cars is a lot greater in the middle-aged segment. But if you’re looking at the percentage of middle-aged drivers (who own a sports car) causing an accident you’ll find that the number is A LOT less than the corresponding percentage of the young people, hence the different costs of insurance.

  14. “The total number of accidents involving sports cars is a lot greater in the middle-aged segment”

    Well, how many young twens own/drive a sportscar?
    That was a blank one, dude.

  15. The point of the matter ist, not the drivers age, but the fact, that Gumpert said, that the car could run on the roof of a Tunnel at 270 km/h, so why was the 20 year old driving so slowly through the corner?

  16. Bagabu: Are you familiar with statistics at all? Or are you just quoting me for phun? Can’t really see the point of quoting that part of my post :P
    But thank you for making my point.. There isn’t a lot of teenagers (twens?) who own sports cars.. But the ones who do seems to have an aching need to wrap it around a lamp post or plant it in an open field… And once again.. HENCE the expensive insurances… (the logic goes both ways…)

    JC: That IS a probable cause ;)

  17. @ dave : easy man I’m just asking how you know any of the things you claim to know in your original post. Namely that:

    “there are far more middle aged men driving fast cars than there are young men”

    Hey buddy if you were just going on your own dumb ass assumptions thats ok too.

  18. @rick: Do you not have any common sense?

    Seriously, are you actually questioning “there are far more middle aged men driving fast cars than there are young men”?

    I really can’t believe you are, no one’s that stupid.

    Also, you’re in no place to ‘easy man’ me. I called you a dumbass, sure, but not before you called me an idiot.

    Now step down, boy.

  19. if that guy is insured on his ‘daddy’s car, then to be honest, the insurers are partly at fault, no amount of money should allowe a 20 year old to drive a 700bhp car, that is just accident or even death waiting to happen. Secondly, he should of respected the cars power and been sensible. Thirdly, no 20 year old (exept millionairres sons or something) has the money to buy cars like that, thats a fact, so yes, the middle aged men have more accidents in them cars because they are the ones who can afford it. the insureres and the father shouldnt of let him drive that, if one of them said no, then that crash wouldnt have happend, they are both lucky to escape death.

  20. Maybe in your po dunk town where the rich middle age dude has an Iroc-Z and everyone else is driving beat up old pick ups. I guess youre just basing your analysis on what you see in east bumfuck.

    Sorry Dave its too difficult to argue with Jackasses who make shit up. I’m done with you now.

    I only called you an idiot because you have made it abundantly clear that you are one.

  21. Sorry Rick, but do you not see that you’re also guilty of making assumptions? The difference is, I’m right.

    Also, I’m not American, so we don’t have pickups. Plus, you can have a nice car without is costing over £100,000.

    Just give up, you’re looking more and more like a prick with every word you type.


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