Chrome Purple Lamborghini LP670-4 SV

We probably all saw the amazing matte purple wrap – see picture below – before on the net. NEx to the unique colour the car also got a new set of wheels delivered by ADV.1 wheels, more exactly a set of Deep Concave ADV05’s.

Matte Purple Lamborghini LP670-4 SV

With the summer coming closer and closer the owner must have thought about changing the colour trim. He opted for a purple coloured chrome foil. Simply stunning if you ask us!

[Via ADV.1]

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  1. Badass I’m not sure which I like better though. I’m sure hes got some purple accents on the inside too. I think I liked the Matte better now that I think about it but both are awesome.

  2. The color looks gay in first sight but i have to say it is a fascinating mix,although i would prefer a Verde Ithaca or Lambo yellow color.Many colors match this car.

  3. It looks cool, I love color combination….. I cant say it is for gays, come on guys if the owner is like party man, enjoys
    driving, touring from club to club,…. :) I think this is the right color for his life style.


  4. For the guys who say it looks “gay”, grow up and save that garbage for your school-yard recess. It’s 2011.
    I think it looks good. It’s a Lamborghini. They’re supposed to be over-the-top.


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