Video Customer First Drive Underground Racing Twin-Turbo Gallardo

The following footage shows a Lamborghini Gallardo outfitted with a twin-turbo performance kit by Underground Racing. The American tuner is known for its twin-turbo packages and the owner of the Italian bull gives us the change to experience his wonderful new creation.

Enjoy the video and amaze yourself about the speed of the flame spitting Gallardo.

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  1. There are a few of these here in Dallas. You see them half a mile back in your rear view mirror, look forward real quick, look back in your rear view mirror and they’ve already passed you. Not only that but the wash effect you get when they fly past you is ridiculous!

  2. It actually takes some huge balls. Controlling a 1000hp ain’t that easy. You don’t just get on the gas and hold the steering wheel straight. It’s trying to go all over the place… Oo and that’s while the wheels are spinning at 100mph+.


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