Overkill: Supercars in Dubai

Today’s overkill features not one but many cars. Supercars aren’t very rare in Dubai, so some owners wanted to distinguish themselves by installing massive body kits, eccentric colors or even eight exhaust pipes! What do you think, are these cars overkill or not? Feel free to share your thoughts.

[Thanks to Supercarsdubai.com]

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  1. Why do I have to think of the song “Arab Money” everytime I see such disgusting cars. Poor Diablo but the CL Merc and the Range look rather nice.

  2. Yeah! No $#*! I don’t know where are you from, but where I come from everybody speaks what he thinks ‘couse it’s a free world. If you don’t agree with it good. Thank you for your opinion. But I still stood on mine. There is no single one good looking tuned car in Dubai. Stock cars are OK. but they are the same everywhere in the world. When it comes to bodykits ‘Ihave money and no taste’ is the theme.

  3. And you have seen every tuned car in Dubai?
    Everyone has different taste, respect that. I get so tired of people running with the reply ” Much money and no taste”.
    Taste is individual and i can say that i dont like for example Ferrari FF but i don’t look down on people who do. You seem to atleast make it, unfortunately.

  4. La ilaha illa Allah, ha la ili, hay yo
    Hili b’Allah, hey, hili bay yo
    We getting Arab money
    We getting Arab money

    Hala sheiki, ha lini falla
    Mili ha lan shi inni mala
    We getting Arab money
    We getting Arab money


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