Audi R10 Design Study by Bembli

Renderings mostly share a designer’s idea on a future car. Student designer Marouane Bembli created this rendering of an Audi R10 production supercar during his current education at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy.

The photos show a supercar that sits above the R8 in the Audi line-up. Bembli envisions it as a lightweight supercar of around 1,200kg (2,645lbs) with a V10 engine of unspecified output.

Overall, it looks quite good. It might be something to seriously consider for the managers at Audi!

[Via WorldCarFans]

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  1. Well that’s just ridiculous. If we’re to assume its got similar proportions to the R8 then the driver isn’t going to fit in it with a roofline like that.

  2. If the cockpit is in proportion to a human being then the car is bigger then a truck :) or if the car is in proportion to a human, the cockpit is smaller then a dollhouse. Nice rendering, but there is no design concept behind it you can see that quite immiditaleyy…. what do they teach in todays design schools?


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