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Audi R20 Rendering

Further Details Revealed About Audi’s 2017 R20 Supercar

So here’s what we know so far. Audi is planning a new supercar to sit above the current R8 and top out its model...
Audi Plans R10 Diesel Supercar

Additional Details About Upcoming Audi Diesel-Electric Supercar Released

Just a few weeks ago, the first rumors regarding a brand new Audi supercar to sit above the R8 and top out the current...
Audi Plans R10 Diesel Supercar

Audi Plans R10 Diesel Supercar?

Rumors have surfaced suggesting that Audi is preparing a Le Mans-inspired diesel hybrid supercar that would sit above today’s R8. Insiders have stated to...

Audi R10 Design Study by Bembli

Renderings mostly share a designer's idea on a future car. Student designer Marouane Bembli created this rendering of an Audi R10 production supercar during...