Video: McLaren F1 GTR VS McLaren MP4-12C

Just how does the new McLaren MP4-12C compare with the older, more focused F1 GTR racer? In a rare opportunity to find out, but Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar got the option to take them both on the Top Gear track to see where the similarities start and the differences end.

McLaren F1 GTR is a racing variant of the McLaren F1 sports car. McLaren built 105 F1s in total, consisting of 64 standard models, five LMs, three GTs, 28 GTRs and five prototypes. The MP4-12C is McLaren’s latest sports car and the first ever McLaren to be released in the new century.

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  1. So…..which is quicker round the track? Does the handling/braking of the MP4 give it any kind of edge over the F1’s pace or not? I’m guessing ‘not quite, but nearly’. Nice to see the two on the track together.


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