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Video Chris Harris' Passenger Ride in McLaren F1 GTR

Video: Chris Harris’ Passenger Ride in McLaren F1 GTR

For true fans that read the subject of this topic immediately ask themselves the question; who on earth can you do a passenger ride...

Video: McLaren F1 GTR VS McLaren MP4-12C

Just how does the new McLaren MP4-12C compare with the older, more focused F1 GTR racer? In a rare opportunity to find out, but...

For Sale: Orange McLaren F1 GTR

There are true collecters items in the automotive world and one of those is for sale. This McLaren F1 GTR is a racing variant...

For Sale: Gulf McLaren F1 GTR Longtail

Supercars being for sale always catches the attention of many car enthousiasts. For most of us it's sadly enough a dream to own just...

McLaren F1 GTR Art Car Due To Be Auctioned

One of the most famous McLaren F1 GTR's is about to hit the auction blocks. This car is Chassis #5, originally purchased by French...