Geneva 2011: Novitec Rosso Race 606

Novitec have three world premieres at this years Geneva Auto Salon. The Novitec Race 606 is based on the Ferrari California. It’s an updated package to the California presented at last years show.

The most noticeable difference is the two-tone design, which has been extended on this car to cover the roof and include more bare carbon fiber. Other than that, the tuning package remains the same; power output is increased from the standard 460hp to 606hp at 7,900rpm and peak torque jumps from 485Nm to 603Nm at 5,500rpm.

The front and rear spoilers together with the rear diffuser create an optimal aerodynamic balance. Rocker panel blades, side air outlets in the front fenders, mirror covers and the rear molding are changed as well. Also made entirely from carbon fibers is the hood centerpiece, the radiator grille, the outer skin of the folding hardtop and the taillight surrounds.

Check out our pictures below, full details can be found here.

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