Leaked Rear View 2012 Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador

Via Facebook we received yet another ‘leaked’ picture of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. During the past few days numerous pictures of the upcoming Murcielago successor appeared on the web. It all started with a magazine cover that showed the red Aventador undisguised.

Soon after we saw pictures of the side, front and interior of the car. The only view still missing until today was the rear of the Aventador.

Various sources suggest Lamborghini will not show one but three Aventador’s in Geneva in the colours Grigio Estoque, Blanco Isis and Arancia Argos. Additionally there will be a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore present at the Lamborghini stand in Geneva next week.

All ‘leaked’ Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Photos:

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  1. Expecting a little more?????? What where you hoping for? ..NASA to start building lamborghini’s?
    Whats wrong with you guys? You gotta think more logically, I’ve worked for an italian car company and I saw the process. Engineers and Designers think of evertyhing

    Okay point number 1 – Its a model debut, which means they cant fiddle with it too much, if they made it more extreme how do you think they’ll be able to create a more hardcore version?? Like and SV?? Already I can see little room for improvement

    Point number 2 – The issue with the murcielago is that, It was littlerally undrivable, too low … it just couldn’t be driven on a daily basis. Hence the LP700-4 is a little more practical, yet still very flamboyent !!

    Point number 3 – there’s no such thing as proper lamborghini doors. All models have different openings depending on car structure and balance. I’m sure these won’t disappoint :)

  2. @Matt599, I know all that, and I like the car very much. But if I am going to buy a car for over 300 000 euros, I don’t want my doors to be exactly like every japanese tuner. Where is the exclusivity in that? I respect what all these guys from Lamborghini made, but from what I can see on this picture I don’t like these hinges. I’ll wait too see them from another angle and then I can change my mind, but for now I don’t like them. As a fee man in a free country I express my opinion. If you don’t agree, good! I don’t care!

  3. @kris_vd I agree with you completely. And I wasn’t saying you can’t write what you think. I also think the “Straight up” door opening was cooler!
    But trust me, everything is done for a reason.. and nobody is gonna swap this ride with a japanese tuner :)

  4. Car looks excellent!

    With all the technical improvements it will be a instant hit.

    Only thing that could be considered wrong is that it looks somewhat similar to Reventon. Which is again wrong only if you already own a 1 mil.€ Reventon.

  5. I am diappointed, I do not see Italian magic in this new Lambo. I think Audi designed it. Look at rear lights, it’s taken from Audi A4.

  6. I think Lamborghini hit it out of the park with the design. I can’t wait to see all of the reviews on this car. But i’m more excited to see Reiter Engineering race this bad boy in the FIA GT1 Series.

  7. This car looks more and more evil from every angle, I can’t wait to see it on the street. The normal Murcielago is boring IMO, the LP640 is just a different story, this is simply off the hook. It looks magnificent and I’am looking forward to some LP750-4 SV versions or even the roadster.
    The best looking car this year, it just destroys the Huayra considering only the looks!

  8. the doors are atached to a flat bit on the carbon monocock, as not to put stress on the thined out wheel arches. which by the way are probably made of lightwieght aluminium alloy enstead of carbon fiber. this saves time and money. the lights could have been a bit more orginal the one thing I hate is the aluminum exhuast it clashes with the rear end. when i buy one ill put on a custom mate black carbonceramic exhuast like on the lp570-4 but a single wide tunel.

  9. im hoping to see a more awsome version with some thing like a rediclous 810bhp, and an electronic rear wing, mabey a roof intake and if they ever go this route a twin custom in house turbo system. with all that power they could divert a littel more to the front wheels and balane the car a little more.


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